four at a time
The Macro-pots (four at a time).
1.   Cut two lengths of 600mm of mesh (8 squares along the length of the roll).
2.   Cut these in halves, respectively 600mm and 550mm. This gives four bottom plates.
3.   Cut one length of 1.875mm of mesh (25 squares along the top).
4.   Cut this in half. This give two walls, respectively 600mm and 550mm wide.
5.   Cut one length of 1.725mm (23 squares)
6.   Cut this in half as before. This also gives two walls, respectively 600mm and 550mm wide.
7.   Clip the ends of each wall together.
8.   Clip the 1,875mm walls to the 600mm x 600mm bottom plates.
9.   Clip the 1,725 walls to the 600mm x 550mm bottom plates.
10. Cut excess corners from the bottom plates so they don’t stick out too much.
The weedmat
11. Cut two lengths of 1,900mm weed-mat for the 1,875 pots providing for 250mm overlap.
12. Cut two lengths of 1,750mm weed-mat for the 1,725 pots, again providing for 250mm overlap.
13. Fold the lengths in harmonica folds for easier unfolding in the pot.
14. Place each length in its appropriate pot and unfold it, making sure that:
      . the bottom of the pot is covered completely with some overlap,
      . the weed-mat is hard up against the corner and smooth against the side, and
     . the weed-mat is folded neatly over the top in a straight line around the pot.
15. Clip the end of the outside of the weed-mat with a C-clip tightly to the wire to prevent it from flapping and
The reservoir
20.  Cut a 540mm length of 90mm PVC pipe for the reservoir.
21.  Cut a 700 mm length of 40mm PVC conduit as fill pipe.
22.  Drill two 100mm holes in the 90mm PVC pipe. These will let the water out into the surrounding soil.
23.  Drill a 40mm hole at the opposite side of the 100mm holes for the fill pipe.
       File this out to make a snug fit for the fill pipe.
24.  Cover both ends of the 90mm pipe with duct tape.
25.  Fit the fill pipe to the reservoir.
26.  Place the reservoir in the pot on top of the liner.
The overflow and mulch
27.  Fill the pot to 150-200mm by carefully placing soil against the plastic liner making sure that there are no corners
       left lying flat causing leakage; all the plastic must be upright against the wall.
28.  Push down one of the eight sides of the plastic liner to the water level you want in the pot,
       no less than 100mm from the bottom but it can be higher.
       The weed-mat is sufficiently open-woven to ensure proper drainage above this level.
29.  Fill the pot to close to the top, ensuring the weed-matting remains smooth against the side.
       Leave enough space for mulch.
       With our fruit trees, we are trying wood chips as mulch to promote Mycorrhizal fungi.
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